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Last September members Frances and Patrick Francois visited the city of Leicester, GB, where King Richard III spent his last night. After archaeologists from the University of Leicester found his remains under a parking lot they were temporarily displayed in the Guild Hall adjacent to Leicester Cathedral, just a few steps from the Greyfriars Abbey site in Leicester. The Francois’ long-time friend, Liane Norman, wrote the attached poem and consented to its distribution to NYSAA members. Ms. Norman’s brief bio follows.

Liane Ellison Norman’s recent book of poems, Breathing the West: Great Basin Poems, was published by Bottom Dog Press in the fall of 2012, a year in which two chapbooks, Driving Near the Old Federal Arsenal, were released by Finishing Line Press, and Roundtrip, by Yesterdays Parties Press. Norman has published individual poems in the North American Review, Kestrel, The Fourth River, 5 AM, Grasslimb, Rune, Hot Metal Press and in Voices From the Attic and Come Together: Imagine Peace anthologies. She won the Wisteria Prize for poetry in 2006 from Paper Journey Press and has published two earlier books of poetry, The Duration of Grief and Keep. She has also published a book about nonviolent protest against nuclear bomb parts makers, Mere Citizens: United, Civil and Disobedient, a biography, Hammer of Justice: Molly Rush and the Plowshares Eight (now being made into a play by playwright Tammy Ryan), a novel, Stitches in Air: A Novel About Mozart’s Mother in addition to many articles, essays and reviews. Norman has a PhD in English and American Literature from Brandeis University and a BA in English from Grinnell College.

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